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  • near Culford Drive Bartley Green
    B32 3JH Birmingham
  • 07927414504

Clare Hunt Reflexology

Why is Clare Hunt Reflexology the best choice for you?

I have been helping people from all walks of life as a fully qualified Reflexologist since 2010. I studied with Nicola Hall, the Director of the Bayly School of Reflexology. Nicola was apprentice to, and now continues the work of, Doreen Bayly - the founder of Reflexology in the UK in the 1960s.

More about Clare Hunt Reflexology :

Since benefiting personally from complementary forms of healing back in 2007, I have wanted to help others in a similar manner. Reflexology is a natural method of healing that can be used alongside conventional medicine to encourage the body to heal and improve its functioning. It is particularly beneficial for those affected by the stresses of modern life - prolonged stress is known to depress the immune system and lead to physical and emotional ailments. The therapy I provide helps to relieve these effects and improve the overall well-being of my clients, without any of the side effects of traditional medicine. I feel we all have the power within us to heal. Our thoughts and emotions play a huge role in how we feel physically. Reflexology brings balance to the body and its functions and allows clients to completely relax, in this state we are far more likely to feel and think more positively and this can only improve our physical health even more.

What can Clare Hunt Reflexology offer you?

I provide a mobile reflexology service,throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas during the evening and at weekends. This means my clients benefit from the treatments, at a time that suits them and without having to step outside their front door. I am also a naturally gentle and calm person which enables clients to feel at ease and enjoy the treatments even more.

Who preceded you?

i work in a friendly, professional way to ensure all my clients enjoy and benefit from my treatments. I have helped people from all walks of life, from children of 5 to adults aged 65, faced with health conditions and those looking for sometime out to do something for themselves. Recent clients I have helped include a lady in her early 60's suffering from the pain associated with osteo-arthritis - by session 3 she reported reduced pain and increased mobility in the effected shoulder and hip; and a busy mum of 3 boys experiencing anxiety and fatigue. Happily, she reported feeling greater energy levels and improved sleep patterns after her first session of Reflexology.

Treatment at home possible:


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