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About Footworks Reflexology

Why is Footworks Reflexology the best choice for you?

Basically, there is a foot massage and there is Reflexology. The two are very different although Reflexology incorporates foot massage, it is so much more as well! Reflexology, (working the feet) effects and is good for the whole body. It can help to ease pain and balance the systems of the body such as the digestive and endocrine (hormonal) system. Often someone will choose a body massage to help them relax and unwind but not many people realise or expect Reflexology to be nourishing and deeply relaxing too. Unlike many Reflexologists, I also incorporate acupressure (acupuncture without the needles), from the knees down and reiki in every treatment. This creates a powerful combination of treatment and offers support and benefit on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

More about Footworks Reflexology:

I am the owner of my own Reflexology business that I have built up from scratch nearly 13 years ago. The main driving force behind my work is a genuine desire to provide support, help others and make a difference to peoples quality of life. I keep up to date with modern trends in the Reflexology field and regularly attend courses, workshops and conferences, gleaning what I need from each experience and adapt the techniques and ideas to my own uniquely individual way of working. I do this in order to extend my working knowledge and understanding of how the body responds to different aspects of reflexology, which due to the rich tapestry of pioneering therapists at the top of their profession, is ever expanding.

What can Footworks Reflexology offer you?

I combine traditional Reflexology techniques with various aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine, in particular, the meridian system of energy channels and pressure points within the body. I also use the powerful tool of visualisation, incorporating work with the Chakra energy system of the body which originated in India. Using these techniques along with traditional reflexology and reiki, I work towards easing pain, alleviating stress and anxiety, balancing the systems of the body and helping with many common issues such as depression, sleep problems, menopausal and fertility concerns etc.

Who preceded you?

Clients who seek me out, both male and female, are of all ages and from many different walks of life. I like to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere for my clients to relax in. I describe the experience during the treatment as 'resting inside of yourself', in a kind of meditative state. Finding a place of still calmness inside ourselves is a very nourishing place to be and is the ideal state for self-healing to occur. Our bodies want to work towards wellness if we would only allow it to do so, My clients will often leave the session feeling deeply relaxed, calm and sometimes 'lifted' out of their issues. After a session working the feet, a client will literally sometimes feel they are walking on air. One of my clients often likes to tell me that her feet will usually have a big smile on them after one of my treatments!

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